And Just Like That An Amazing Man Pops Into My Life

Written By TyLeste Nelson

We were talking on the phone as usual. We had just finished our devotional together. Then that’s when God spoke. A word of revelation spilled from Charles heart out of his lips, “I felt you were hurting today.” God’s compassion had flooded him for me. He continued, “I hear your King saying he wants to love on you and is gently nudging me to get off the phone so He can meet with you in the secret place. He’s waiting for you. He just wants to love on you. He is jealous over you. You are His favorite.”⁣

Imagine being in a relationship with a man who doesn’t take you away from God but encourages you to get closer to Him. That’s the kind of relationship you deserve. You deserve someone who knows his role and doesn’t take God’s place in your life. You deserve someone who will pray for you and emotionally support you. You deserve God’s best. He’s saying it’s yours for the asking. But He wants something in exchange. He wants you. He wants your all. He wants your attention, your devotion, your love unfeigned. He wants to be your priority.⁣

Sometimes we know what to do but we just need some accountability to keep us on track with our spiritual walk. If that’s you, I have great news coming soon about my one-on-one coaching opening up. But first I want to tell you about this free journal I made designed to help you feel loved and stay focused on what really matters, your relationship with God. He loves you so much and wants to give you your hearts deepest desire when you delight in Him. Click the link in the bio to grab this great resource!⁣

God bless you, Daughter.⁣

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