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To have a home business online, these are the programs I build to create cash flow and leverage. I have training, support and marketing systems to help you build each program on this page.

My own money is invested in these programs and I earn commissions in each of them. Our ongoing affiliate marketing training and social media marketing training helps you build the skill sets needed to get results with traffic, leads and sales.



100% Free Business – Free Lead System

Users of the Free Lead System can promote any product, service or business with this platform. In addition high converting landing pages are provided to promote and give away this exact system. The price tag for this incredible value is completely free.

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$7 Dollar Business – Lead Lightning

Here is a strategy for people who still claim to be broke. Broke is a curable disease and this $7 business might just be the medicine. Every time you hear the words “I’ve got no money” just forward the link to this $7 business. Lead Lightning accomplishes a way for seasoned marketers to build a buyers list and helps affiliate newbies to start building an email list. Highlights – $7 one time purchase, give away a free lead system, make unlimited $6 commissions while building a contact list. This is a no-brainer marketing solution.

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Forever Wealth System

Frank Calabro Jr’s latest business in a box strategy. This system is designed to teach the fundamentals of lead generation, duplication and replication using a powerful technology platform. People that were once struggling with online marketing have achieved amazing results with this system. If you’re in need to succeed this could be the breakthrough in which you are seeking.

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Power Lead System: Complete All-In-One Virtual Business In A Box for Affiliate Marketing

Power Lead System Overview Simple Freedom Hangout

Power Lead System Affiliate Marketing Simple Freedom

My Foundation Program for $500 Days Online | Start Here.
Get Funnels – Compensation – Training – Everything Needed.
Earn Residual Monthly Income | Higher Commissions | Passive Income
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Copy And Paste Ads: Get Paid To Post Ads…



Press 1 Cash:Is A Way for Affiliate Marketers To Make $200 Unlimited Commissions With A Cell Phone.It Is An Auto Text Messenger Service.


BLUE COLLAR SIMPLE FREEDOM: The Blue Collar Success System is One POWERFUL Funnel Created So Newbies Can Stack Results Faster. Includes Everything You Need to Start and Grow Your Online Business…

Blue Collar Success System Simple Freedom Power Lead System

Simple Freedom Academy Get Paid Big Up Front No MLM Slave



SIMPLE FREEDOM ACADEMY: Master the Art & Science of Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Inside Our Own Academy and Earn Significant Affiliate Compensation at the Same Time…

Simple Freedom Academy Crypto Trading School Bitcoin

Simple Freedom Academy: Learn Bitcoin + Internet Marketing
Earn powerful $100 commissions & $100 Passups Daily.
Simple Freedom Academy is Internet Marketing Training.
Simple Freedom Academy is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Training.
Get your training and cash flow system all in one.
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EASY1UP: Internet Affiliate Marketing Program Pays 100% Commissions Direct Pay

Easy1Up Simple Freedom Academy Affiliate Marketing Training

Simple Freedom Academy Get Paid Big Up Front No MLM Slave

Learn Internet Marketing Skill Sets.
Affiliates Earn 100% Commission. Direct Pay to You. Daily Sales Create Daily Pay.

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START HERE – Direct Marketing Programs: Combine Our Training with these Affiliate Programs to Generate Cash Flow Online with Direct Sales | I Show You How to Setup An Affiliate Marketing Funnel/System & Get Traffic to it | Collect Leads | Make Sales | Get High Leveraged Commissions | Build Cash Flow


My Foundation Program for $500 Days Online | Start Here.
Get Funnels – Compensation – Training – Everything Needed.
Earn Residual Monthly Income | Higher Commissions | Passive Income
Click here to review the product line and full overview.

Instant Cash Strategy
This System Churns Out $250 – $1,000 Again & Again
And is Designed to Create $1,000 Days Online
For People Serious About Creating Full Time Cash

ABSOLUTELY NEWBIE PROOF! $300-$600 Days Online
Perfect System for Creating Your First $1,000 Month Online
Automated Sales System Creates Passive Monthly Cash Flow
Everything Needed Under One Roof. Perfect for Beginners.

BITCOIN PAYOUTS! TEAM BUILD & LEVERAGE PROGRAMS: Where Teamwork and “Spillover” Help You Build as a Team & You Earn Bitcoin Payouts | Just Setup My Funnel + Get Traffic + Get Your Two + They Get Their Two + You Get Paid Out On Each Team Sale in Bitcoin!

WHAT IS BITCOIN? Bitcoin Basics For Beginners

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Digital Currency Simple Freedom Academy Power Lead System Crypto School

Power Lead System Affiliate Marketing Simple Freedom

Learn what cryptocurrency and bitcoin is.
Free intro course and resources, videos and reports
teach you everything you need to know about Bitcoin.
Free info. No “opt in” or “lead capture page” – just click and learn


TIGHT BUDGET? Just Getting Started on a Tight Budget?

YOU’RE BROKE? Start Here and Get Money!
Complete marketing system including email system makes you money.
Affordable for everyone at just $7. No monthly fees. Pays you $6 per sale…
This system also promotes whatever “primary program” you want. Get it here.


Simple Freedom Academy
Internet Marketing Mastery – Fast $100 Per Sale. No monthly fees.
Quickly Flips a One Time $150 into Daily $100 Commissions.



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I’m available to help you build these cash programs.

Review them and select the ones that fit you best. You can always add more with profits. If you have any questions, message me on Facebook, text me or call. Let’s make you some cash.


Charles Williams
text: 786-460-2688
fan page for training: Charles Williams Marketing Training


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