AFFILIATE MARKETING: Power Lead System Overview Webinar – an “open house” tour of PLS…


PLS Overview Webinar May 1, 2019

Power Lead System is a marketing funnel creation tool suite. It gives you access to tools needed to create affiliate marketing offers, lead capture pages, online sales presentation pages and complete marketing funnels that you can easily share with others on a sales team.

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To review the Lead Lightning Marketing System by PLS click here.

Lead Lightning is a marketing funnel created by Power Lead System that includes multiple lead capture pages, a video sales presentation video, follow up email campaign and the training and education to teach people how to use it effectively.

As an affiliate marketing program Lead Lightning gives affiliates the ability to earn $6 commissions on a $7 price point. There are no monthly fees in Lead Lightning and you never “pass up” any sales. It’s a simple direct affiliate marketing program where if you promote and refer people to Lead Lightning and they buy using your affiliate link, you earn $6 on every $7 sale.

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