TURN YOUR CELL PHONE INTO A MONEY PRINTER! Smart Phone Marketing Strategy and Resources Help You Generate More Leads and Sales with Automation, Leverage and Smart Phone Technology…

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THE PROCESS: How a Smart Phone Traffic & Lead Generation Funnel Works…

It’s a straight forward strategy that uses both Smart Phone Text & Voice Messages and an Internet Marketing Funnel TOGETHER to allow you to create traffic, leads and sales from scratch.


  1. SMS Text Leads Sourceclick here to review.
  2. Smart Phone Marketing Funnel Systemclick here to review.
  3. Online Business (virtual digital franchise) to Create Cash Flowclick here.

The Process:

First: Traffic Generation. You send your “cold traffic text or voice message” to the cell phone leads from your leads source.

Second: Collect New Leads. Your text/voice message lands on their phone where prospects listen to your message or read it, then tap on the call to action to get to your marketing funnel.

Third: Prospecting. They land on the first page of your marketing funnel, the lead capture page and opt in by putting their cell phone number and email in the box to get the presentation.

Fourth: Presentation. They land on your presentation page of your funnel and watch the short funnel that explains to them how they can learn to make money online with your simple system.

Fifth: Email Follow Up. At that same time your email follow up campaign begins to send them follow up emails which break the presentation down into “easy to understand” pieces and invites them to review your presentation and get started and to follow you on social media so you can build trust with them.

Sixth: Smart Follow Up Marketing. The rest of our “follow up marketing system” is used to keep inviting them to your conference call, your short sizzle call review, your presentation video and your training and prospecting videos and calls of your team’s system.

Seventh: They Buy. They purchase the product package from Press 1 Cash and you get paid 100% commission.

Eighth: Replication & Duplication. They login to their new system and replicate this exact business system by coming to this page and learning how to duplicate just like you are right now.

Ninth: Organization Leverage. They begin to use this very system and generate their own sales.

Tenth: Passive Cash Flow. You start to receive passive income from the passup commissions from your team’s duplication. Passive cash. Smart Phone Cash Creation System. Keep it simple. It works.

SMART PHONE MARKETING FUNNEL #1: Here’s a Sample Look at Your Smart Phone Marketing Pages…



SMART PHONE MARKETING SYSTEM BRIDGE PAGE #1: This is the introduction page leads see which shows them how to duplicate this text marketing system and then they get invited to your Press 1 Cash program to make even more money…




Text Message Marketing Funnel #2: This Funnel Directs Leads to Your Press 1 Cash Offer…




INTRO TO TEXT MARKETING PAGE #2: This is the intro or “bridge page” your leads see after opting in and after this they go watch your full presentation video…




REQUIREMENTS: How You Can Access this Complete Smart Phone Marketing System…

This complete funnel with multiple marketing systems and pages is available in a “done-for-you” format for all Power Lead System RESELLERS.

If you are a RESELLER of the Power Lead System you have access to these additional funnels and pages for use in promoting the Press 1 Cash affiliate program.

Power Lead Systemclick to review the PLS here.

Power Lead System RESELLER Programclick here to review how to become a reseller of the PLS.

Once you become a reseller in PLS then you’ll have access by clicking on the banner in your dashboard for the SMS FUNNELS.

SMS PHONE LEADS: This Cell Phone Leads Source is Generic and Available to ANY Marketer to Promote into ANY Affiliate Offer…

SMSPhoneLeads SMS Phone Leads Simple Freedom Smart Phone Marketing Leads

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SMS TEXT MARKETING COPY SAMPLES: Use these messages in your promotions to generate leads…

“Want to Turn Your Cell Phone into an ATM Cash Machine? Reply “abc” or tap this link for info: YourLinkHere”

“Fast Easy Way to Make Money with Your Cell Phone! Reply “abc” or tap link for info: YourLinkHere”

“Super Simple Phone Cash System! Reply “abc” or tap link for info: YourLinkHere”

“Get Paid to Text!” Reply “abc” or tap link for info: YourLinkHere”

“$500 Days Texting this Simple Message! You Can Too. Reply “abc” or tap link for info: YourLinkHere”

“Make $300 Per Day Sending This Text Message” Reply “abc” or tap link for info: YourLinkHere”

“Create Your Own Cash with Your Smart Phone” Reply “abc” or tap link for info: YourLinkHere”

Keep it Simple! The More Fun & Simple You Keep This, The More People You’ll Attract…