SIMPLE FREEDOM CLUB: What is it? Cool question. It’s two things mainly…


1. Affiliate Marketing School: focused on teaching offline and online “direct response marketing” strategy which is often called “Attraction Marketing” by online network marketers.

2. Multiple Income Stream PLATFORM which showcases ONE club where you can sell multiple affiliate offers. We embed our core programs and tools and traffic/lead offers which all have affiliate programs that pay you too… AND you can also embed YOUR OWN affiliate programs into your FREEDOM VAULT..

…and every single person you invite even free members before they pay, can see the FREEDOM VAULT in their back office… they will be seeing YOUR offers too. Plug in whatever programs, tools and offers you want.

All this for a ONE TIME $35.

And as an affiliate you earn $25 on that $35 offer and it’s inside a “reverse 1UP” comp plan so you can earn and endless stream of $25 passups as your affliate team grows here with us doing most of the grunt work selling and training them.

Pretty cool huh?

Join it by getting your sponsor’s link or contact me for info and link to review.

You can join it free and pay when you like what you see.

And we create share coded mini funnels for you to use too like this:

Any questions, let me know.

Keep it simple.
Slam traffic.
Get paid.